The Importance of Undergraduate Internships

If you are anything like me, college is something that takes awhile to adjust to. You are in a different world filled of freedom, fun and most of all, a fresh new batch of responsibilities. Although it is okay to take a year to adjust to these changes (as I did), my biggest regret is not searching for internships sooner within my undergraduate career. Not only do internships give you a glimpse into the real world, they provide you with first hand experience, integrated life skills and best of all, almost every college campus community is blooming with them!

In the following info graphic, a few specific skills are laid out that employers are constantly searching for that internships can provide.


First up, communication skills. Everyone has to master at least some level of communication in order to relay exactly what the point or message is that you are trying to say. Being that these skills can be hard to find, internships can put you out of the classroom setting and force you to leap out of that comfort zone to begin relationships with important and professional individuals you may not have met without extending your activities outside of school.

A positive attitude is always important. Within an internship there is no doubt that at some point you will encounter some challenges and setbacks. What sets you apart in a future interview is talking about how you took these challenges, and stayed positive while overcoming it. Come everyday with a fresh mindset.

As college brings you many changes, internships, just like future jobs, will bring a change to your life as well. Building your character to be able to adapt to the twists and turns of a fast paced environment is a great addition to your skill set. You are expected to drive results and keep chugging ahead in whatever is put in front of you, so the more experience you receive, the more benefits you will get out of your internship positions.

As you continue to work for different organizations, businesses or places of work in general, it is important to have the team mentality in mind. Throughout your internship you will be introduced to things you love, are great at, have little knowledge in and after it is said and done, all these things will make you grow. In order to grow and learn from mistakes and successes, you must be a team player. Individuals that work together well, excel together, creating a positive experience that could even lead to a future job offering once the internship is over if you meshed well. Also, working well together can create lasting friendships, relationships and references when needed for your future endeavors.

Finally, being able to be goal oriented  will set you apart from your competition. When working in multiple internships you are able to work under pressure and reach deadlines with real clients and businesses. This will give you another point of contact to touch base on in interviews and give you hands-on experience on the process of creating, setting, implementing and accomplishing any goal that is set for you. So run with as many internships that you can, set goals, challenge yourself and constantly improve from them. You won’t regret the opportunities you will encounter.



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