Tips for Venturing Out of Your Comfort Zone


We all seek it and we all need it. What seems to be the struggle amongst many is leaving it. The following tips are meant to help aid this process, make it less scary and mainly, help you stand out amongst your professional peers. So go ahead, be bold. Give it a try.

Make your voice heard. 

Whether it is in meetings, interviews or class, if you have an opinion or idea, voice it. The more you get accustomed to speaking up, the better off you will be in the real world. Answer questions, give honest feedback and let others know what you are thinking. Not only does this improve your speaking abilities and confidence, it improves your character and allows others to respect your values and thoughts.

Attend workshops.

Chances are your university or community offers hundreds of workshops, get-togethers or conferences. Sign up for these and attend with an open mind. You will gain great insight, knowledge and speaking out at these events will help you practice for real life situations you may run into on your job such as conferences and meetings with important figures in your company. Speaking up will also challenge your abilities to speak out in situations you may not be entirely comfortable with or familiar with. Test your abilities.

Be outgoing.

It is extremely hard to communicate with someone who does not wish to speak. Therefore, in order to be heard you must speak. Show your outgoing personality with poise and grace in any situation you are confronted in. Smile and work on that body language. If you are easily approachable, chances are you will be attracting the right individuals and the following conversations will become easier as well.

Practice makes perfect. 

With all that was said, the ability to jump out of that comfort zone does not happen over night. It takes baby steps to become the confident person that you want to be and be viewed as. Don’t be frustrated and do not give up. Start applying yourself today to situations that normally you would opt out on. You will never know the amazing things you are capable of until you try!





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