4 Tips for Creating a Successful Resume

If you have not created a resume already, no worries. Chances are you never needed to up until this point. However, it is never a bad idea to do so! Follow these quick tips to put you ahead of the game and confidently onto paper.

#1. Think Simple. No one wants to sit down and read pages upon pages about yourself because honestly, employers do not have the time to do so. In many instances, too many pages or information results in your resume simply discarded in a matter of minutes. So, to fix this problem, think in simplistic terms. Keep sentences to the point and concise, and keep the resume to one page in length. This way, you are able to fit what you need, are to the point when explaining and amplifying yourself, and it is not too overwhelming for someone to read when it is in their hands.

#2. Organize. Place headings such as “Skills”, “Education”, etc. in bold or underlined font and format, signifying easily to the reader that they are moving into a different subject within the resume. If it is too hard for someone to find what they are looking for, you may run the risk of being passed over as a potential candidate. Also, order chronically or most applicable for the employer that you are giving your resume too. Additionally, tailor your information to correlate with the goal you are applying for as well. For example, if you worked at a market 5 years ago, that should not be on the top of your resume. Your most important work should shine brightly at the top of your list so that it is noticed first.

#3. Be Clever. In order to stand out, add a personal touch such as use of color, interesting layout or a personal branded logo. Not only does this make you stand out amongst stacks of the traditional black and white resumes you compete against, it also brings something new to the table causing the employer to take those few extra minutes to look over your resume. All exposure and extra attention is wonderful, however, keep in mind that you should keep it creative yet professional. Sometimes, too much is too much. Remember, think simplistically!

#4. Be Authentic. This is very important. Only present things on your resume that hold to be true. There is nothing worse then painting a picture of yourself that is false. Glam up your strengths and accomplishments, but with validity. Add anything that you think will strengthen your resume as a whole with simple truths in mind. In the end, they are hiring you for who you are, so bring your best self to the table!


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