The Importance of Quality Over Quantity on Social

Social media is booming with content that is updated continuously throughout the day. To many, the feeling of having multitudes of content classifies as quality. In reality, it is better to have little content with high quality then mass amounts of content with little quality. You must look at the quality of the work, not the quantity. 

So how does one make quality work you ask? Well, here are some helpful tips how this can be done.

1. Care. Nothing can be perceived more as quality content then something that was produced with care. When you care about something, it is valuable to you. When your content is valuable to you, it is more possible that this content will be of value to other users or followers that you may have. Therefore, when on social take time to read over content before re-tweeting and sharing in their completeness to ensure that it is something you find value in that you think will help others as well. When writing content yourself, take the time to look over, proof-read and think about what you are creating to create meaningful content instead of “filler” content.

2. Prioritize. Instead of rambling on Twitter or Facebook your wonderful (yet sometimes unfiltered thoughts), put thought and prioritization into what you are posting so that the correct messages will reach the correct audience at the right time. If you are in the job application process you wouldn’t want employers searching your pages and finding nothing but unprofessional re-tweets, comments, etc. Of course you want to showcase your personality with a personal flare, but keep your content current and as professional as possible to achieve the results you are looking for.

3. Take time. Take the time to sit down and write if you enjoy blogging. Take the time to research articles or information you would like to share if you are trying to reach an influencer. When you demonstrate that you put time and effort into what you are producing on social media you will also illustrate that your character does the same thing in real life situations. Basically, put your best foot forward and always showcase yourself online as you would like to be perceived in real life. You do not ramble about as many topics as possible just to look impressive in real life, such as an interview, so why do it online? Stay focused, stay concise, stay qualified.



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