Graduation: Tips to Prepare

With graduation around the corner comes many emotions: fear, happiness, excitement, sadness, fulfillment, to name a few. To prepare yourself for the big day, keep in mind some of these tips!

Finish Strong. It is important to not fall down the “senior slide.” The last few months of school are just as important as the first ones. Take your studies seriously. You are there for a reason, right? Take pride in the accomplishments that you have made and the biggest one you are about to accomplish: graduating! Ace those final exams, complete projects and manage your workload appropriately.

Make time for fun. Even though you should keep up your great school work, there is always wiggle room for a little fun. Do some things you wish you accomplished but never had the chance to yet, make some memories and allow adequate time for your social life. You only college once, so enjoy your last minutes with minimal stress.

Be prepared. The real world can be a scary place. Do your research and get into the mindset that you, yourself and I will be entering a world of new responsibilities. You can do it, and adjustments always take time. You are about to enter a new phase in your life so cherish the old and in with the new.

Create a plan. If you have not done so already, start applying to jobs or graduate schools or programs that are appropriate to your next stage in life. Part of your stress may come with the fear of the unknown. Eliminating some of that fear can be done by getting a job, apartment, or any milestone that puts your mind a little at ease. It is a crazy ride out there, and you are just getting going!


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