Quick Tips for Facebook Success

Whether you are promoting for a brand, client or yourself, these quick tips can help you get on track with some Facebook success!

Post human content. Create content that a user finds value in. This can be in the form of humor, inspiration or personal opinions and comments. The more content you make personal, the more genuine and authentic responses and interactions you will receive from your audience.

Post at optimal times. According to studies, the optimal times to post on Facebook occurs on weekdays, 6-8am (for those morning coffee lovers) and 2-5pm (for the student body and the rest of us who love sleep). When posting at these times you are optimizing your viewing audience which maximizes your chances of getting your content seen. If you are targeting the late night crowd, for example, pizza lovers at 1am, adjust your posting time appropriately. Again, knowing your audience is key here.

Don’t be greedy. To show there is a human behind that screen, make sure to share, comment on and like content other than just your own. Join groups, like appropriate pages and make yourself seen as an individual or brand that puts time into others as well as yourself. A greedy person is not fun to be around, so a greedy profile spammed with self loving is just as bad.

Post sparingly. A lot of individuals may think that more content is good content. False. Less is more in the case of Facebook. While Twitter’s home feed is constantly changing and cycling through information, content on Facebook tends to remain more static. If you wish to harness a good following base, blowing up their home feeds is never a good idea. So, post moderately but with interesting content and stay active in the form of responses and conversation. This way, you will show you are available and constant, but not in their face.


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