The Importance of Brand Online Presence

Whether you are the small start up company on the block or a thriving and booming business in the middle of Chicago, the secret behind your success may greatly lie in the hands of your social presence. Although many individuals either A, don’t know the workings of these social feeds, or B, have no time or desire to learn how to navigate and thrive on them, it all comes down to one thing: it is important and needed.

Here’s why. 

Think of it this way. Would you trust, invest time in or respect an individual that did not make an effort to connect with you on some personal level? To many, that answer is a big no. Well, in today’s age of technology, this goes for brands as well. People want to feel connected to what they are spending their time on and investing their money in.

With that said, people are busy creatures. Create content that will attract their attention instead of glossing over. Places like Twitter have a huge turnaround rate for content, so master your headlines, add some graphics and be genuine!

Being genuine also means your brand needs to be human. Accounts should be made that exemplify human characteristics and traits without pushing strictly business. Of course you want to let your audience know who you are, what you are about, etc. as a brand, but selling to your audience gets you nowhere.

Honestly, who enjoys being spammed online, let alone on their personal social outlets. I know I don’t and the beauty of it is that the “Unfollow” or Unlike” button is only one short click away. Don’t give your following community the reason to think twice about that button. Think of what you would like to see as a user and professionally convert that to your brand’s presence.

Social has an enormous presence among today’s population, so being present on outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ not only will help you gain relationships with your customers, it will allow you to gain valuable feedback from them as well. Interacting through comments or messages, blog chats, forums and other modes of communication provides you essentially free marketing feedback and marketing in general. What better feedback can you receive then from real customers, on their real profiles, in real time. Cherish and nurture those initial relationships so those individuals will also spread the awareness of your brand while staying loyal to your side.

The web is a magical thing, go master it!



7 Reasons to Embrace Online Culture (Social Media) Infographic via


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