5 Ways to Get Noticed on Twitter

Twitter is a magical little place that one can choose to stay hidden among the masses or stand out amongst the majority. If you’re looking to break out of your Twitter shell, follow these 5 helpful tips to step onto people’s radar.

1. Post Content. This sounds elementary, but it is something that many do not see as an important trait. If you do not have content, you are not valid. Employers, influencers, and individuals in general are looking for a humanized face behind this cyber outlet. If you are not present consistently on the web, you are less apt to be seen. With that said, be professional with what you post. Act like grandma is scanning your feed. Moral: Don’t post what you don’t want grandma to see.

2. Personalize Your Page. Try to stray away from the basic, beautiful blue cloud defaulted background, and indulge your page with your personal touch. Be creative, show your interests and likes while maintaing a professional presence. Add a nice background or sophisticated header, but keep it simple. Too much noise is never good, so add in moderation! Some of my favorite go-to’s include Themeleon or TwitBacks and they best part is, they are free!

3. Follow Smart. Quality is better than quantity. It is hard to get yourself out there or to gain followers and my advice is to do it in steps. You will not gain thousands of followers overnight and you may find yourself, like I have, running into problems if you mass follow people in a matter of days. Twitter will deem you as an “aggressive follower,” suspending your account to make sure you are in fact the human you claim to be. So, take time in deciding who you follow, do your research and be responsible for your followers. You cannot be seen if your account is suspended! If you do not appreciate or like what someone you are following tweets, simply unfollow and move on. Twitter is endless, so explore.

4. Share Content. Whatever your interests consist of, chances are there are tons of content available on the web that is about just that. Sharing other’s content will not only gain you personal relationships with that individual, but your content will reach a much larger audience if it is shared by others that you are helping as well. Give before you receive, give before you take. It will pay off in the end!

5. Be Yourself. Nothing is better than YOU. Do not portray yourself as something that you are not. Be authentic, be respectful and show your best attributes. Polish about your “About Me” information located on your profile with a personal flare. In the end, if you are looking to build connections with professionals, you will have a leg up on the competition if they already have a sense of who you are.

In the words of Mark Schaefer, author of the acclaimed book, The Tao of Twitter, “Here’s the rule of creating relationships and business benefits through Twitter: You just never know. You never know who will connect with you, you never know how they will connect with you, and you never know where it will lead….”


Schaefer, Mark W. The Tao of Twitter: Changing Your Life and Business 140 Characters at a Time. Charleston, SC. Create Space, 2011. Print.


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